About Chris

Chris was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He has been around dogs since day one. Chris' parents, Doris and Jim Cocallas started Carriage Hill Kennels in 1961. He now owns the dog kennel and spa that is located in Glenview, Illinois with his sister, Francine.

Chris’ love for dogs led him to Dominator Dogs, throughout the years Chris’ dogs have competed in numerous Field Trials and Hunt Tests. He always seemed to have the smartest dogs around and decided he wanted to breed his dogs on the side. Chris usually has Labrador retrievers, golden retrieves, Labradoodles or Goldendoodle puppies for sale. Chris first started putting his puppies for sale over 40 years ago. All of the puppies he sells come from the finest bloodlines.

Since then he has had numerous sporting-dogs and gun dogs who have competed in field trials and hunt tests. His dog’s come from some of the best bloodlines. Good bloodlines result in very smart puppies. Chris has had multiple dogs who have competed in the Master Nationals. However, most notably was, Dominators "Doc" Say When. Doc currently resides 5th on the all time Derby Point List.

Chris is also an AKC registered breeder and has one of the cleanest dog facilities in the Chicagoland Area.