Bed Bug Dogs Are Big Business

Bed Bug Dogs Are Big Business


If you’ve noticed the news lately then you probably know that bed bugs are everywhere.  There are stories about bed bugs in hotels, in hospitals, and in people’s homes, and that’s just for a start.  The problem is literally spreading.  Bed bugs can live anywhere there is a warm host and places for them to hide.  What’s more, it’s hard to find them and hard to get rid of them.  That means one thing:  bed bug dogs are big business.


Right now bed bug dogs are big in the United States.  That’s where can help you.  If you are interested in buying a trained bed bug detection dog and becoming a bed bug dog handler yourself, has the dogs you need and provides the training so you can go to work with your new canine partner.


The dogs at and Southern Star Ranch K9 Training Center are already trained before you arrive.  They are carefully chosen for their temperament and drive.  These dogs love to work for long periods and can find bed bugs wherever they may be hiding.  The dogs used most often for bed bug detection include:  Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, and Jack Russell Terriers.  According to, they look at 100-125 dogs to find just one dog that has what it takes to be a bed bug dog.


The cost of a bed bug dog includes a week of training to become the dog’s handler.  During the week of training you will also be bonding with your new canine partner.  Following the course the handler must also pass a written exam and earn their certification before going to work with their dog.


Every company that buys a bed bug dog from Southern Star Ranch K9 Training Center is required to attend the bed bug dog handler class.  The course teaches the handler the temperament requirements of a dog; the basic principles of dog training; scent and the effects of temperature, humidity, and air currents; training drills; building searches; and how to provide proper health care for the dog. The course is a one week program.


A class for people interested in becoming a bed bug dog trainer is also available at or you can also find an online training program at  You will learn how to take a dog that is untrained and teach it everything it needs to know to become a bed bug detection dog.  Each course is a six week program and it can be tailored to meet each person’s individual needs.


If you already own your own bed bug detection dog business you can contact about ways to generate more leads for your business. connects people with bed bug problems with companies who have bed bug dogs for hire.  They can put you in touch with customers who are looking for a bed bug detection dog to search their home or business.


Whether you are looking for your first bed bug detection dog, or you have a bed bug dog business that you want to expand, be sure to visit and for more information.